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Our pastures

The pastures have everything needed to raise our Ibérico pig specimens. An inseparable part of our trade is breeding these animals in order to achieve what we want to be and what we want to express through our products. Nature always provides what is necessary and essential to ensure the best of the pastures are transmitted to the final product obtained.


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The Pastures

Our Land

A ‘dehesa’ (pasture) is a forest of Holly oak, Cork oak and other species, such as Portuguese oak and Downy oak. It has a lower stratum of grasslands or bushes, intended for maintaining livestock and their feed, and for hunting activities, among others.

The oak tree

Its acorns

The pastures have medium-sized and small trees that can reach 16 to 25 metres in height. In the wild, the trees have an oval crown at first, which then widens until it finally has a rounded-crushed shape.

Its fruit is the Acorn, although it is not the only tree that has them, these are preferred by Ibérico pigs.

There are different shapes, due to the variants of the oak. Each one has different morphological properties: colour, size, more or less elongated, etc. They also differ in taste, there are sweet and bitter acorns. Acorns have a high nutritional value, with a large amount of carbohydrates and lipids. Special mention is deserved for oleic acid (the same as olive oil).

Nature itself gives acorn-fed Ibérico ham that sumptuousness, with healthy properties and organoleptic qualities that are unique in the world.


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